Circles and Coordinate Grids

Below you will find videos and homework assignments around parts of circles and equations of circles in coordinate grids:

1. Students will understand what the radius, diameter, circumference, and area of a circle is. They will also be able to use this knowledge to calculate the circumference and area or any given circle.

Video 1: Circumference and Area of a Circle [Homework: S.7 on IXL]

2. Students will understand what the equation for a circle is. They will also be able to use this equation to determine different parts of a circle.

Video 2: Equation of a circle in the coordinate grid [Homework for Videos 2 and 3: V.1 and V.2 on IXL]

Video 3: Finding parts of a circle using equations and graphs

3. Students will be able to use the equation of a circle to graph the circle and will be able to write an equation for any circle in the coordinate grid.

Video 4: Writing equations for circles from a graph [Homework: V.3 and V.4 on IXL]

Video 5: Graphing Circles [Homework: V.5 on IXL]

AFTER WATCHING ALL THE VIDEOS OF MODULE 4 AND MODULE 5: Complete S.9 and S.12 on IXL as a review of all areas and perimeters