American Studies IICourse Overview 2014-2015

Teacher: Mr. Nick Blais


Course Description:

U.S. History II will present an overview of events that have shaped 20th Century American history from the social, political, and economic points of view. This course will begin with the end of the Gilded Age (1890s) and continue through Imperialism, the Great Depression, Civil Rights, and the effects of 20th Century wars and conflicts. Students will be expected to read for content, compare and contrast historical events and periods, participate in historical discussions, and develop a sense of history for themselves, their state, and their nation.

Units in this class:

Imperialism (Ch 14)

Progressivism (Ch 15)

World War One (Ch 16)

Great Depression (Ch 18 + 19)

World War Two (Ch 20 + 21)

The Cold War (Ch 22 + 23)

Civil Rights Era (ch 25)

Vietnam Era (Ch 26)