American Studies I
Course Overview 2014-2015

Teacher: Mr. Nick Blais
Course Description: This course will examine the events that have shaped early American history from the social, political, and economic points of view. The material covered will include, but is not limited to: westward expansion, the Civil War, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and the War of 1812. This class will give students an understanding of how our nation developed since the Age of Exploration to the end of the Nineteenth Century. The basic structure of the U.S. government including individual rights and responsibilities as described by the U.S. Constitution will also be covered.

Units covered in this class:

Age of Exploration (Ch 1)

Revolutionary War (Ch 2)

The Constitution (Ch 3)

The Young Republic (Ch 4)

Growth of a Nation (Ch 5)

The Jackson Era (Ch 6)

Manifest Destiny (Ch 7)

Road to the Civil War (Ch 8)

The Civil War (Ch 9)

Reconstruction (Ch 10)

Gilded Age (Ch 12 + 13)